About Triple 9

Inspired by longstanding tradition and a rich culture in the steep and deep snows of the Rocky Mountains, Triple 9 Optics was established in 2012 in beautiful Idaho, a state that has turned out some of the best hill climb, backcountry, and freestyle snowmobile riders in the nation. After listening to what the industry and riders wanted, we recognized the need for snowmobile-specific optics that went beyond the standard dual-lens motocross goggle. Triple 9 Optics was created to meet the specific demands of today’s snowmobile riders.


Our goal at Triple 9 Optics is to provide a high end, high quality line of goggles specific to snowmobilers needs. We will continue to develop, design, and improve according to the demands of the snowmobile industry.


Triple 9 Optics uses the most current technology to develop its high quality goggles. 


Not everyone has same head and nose size and shape, so our designers developed custom molded face foam that is contoured to fit even the most unique face and nose areas. The result is a secure universal fit that prevents nose pinching. Many goggles on the market do not utilize this technology and the resulting nose pinch does not allow them to breathe properly.


All Triple 9 Optics lens have 99% UV protection and are treated with TRIPLE 9 ANTI-FOG TECHNOLOGY as a standard feature. Triple 9 also offers polarized lens options. Polarized lenses reduce reflected glare and increase visual clarity and depth perception in flat light and high contrast sun to shade transitions.


The designers at Triple 9 set out to overcome venting issues that often cause lens fogging in many non-snowmobile-specific goggles. By adding offset lens vent holes, dense lens vent foam, and unique snowmobile-specific face foam, we’ve created one of the most fog-resistant snowmobile goggles on the market.