Pro Reviews

  • Brandy Floyd

    The Switch goggle has been a great addition to making my days in the deep snow even more fun! They fit my face properly which ensures a fog free day and on those super deep days where you are taking powder to the face the spherical lens allows the snow to fall right off with a simple shake of your helmet.

  • Corin Todd

    “Frames fit great, and I never had an issue with my lenses fogging even in the weather we race in all winter!”

  • Chad Dow and Tim Lessard

    Chad Dow and Tim Lessard ran the goggles during the Iron Dog, like anyone we had reservations about trying something new vs what we were accustomed too.  We were pleasantly surprised, NO goggle we have ever ran has performed this well.  During Iron Dog it is not unlikely to change goggles 3 to 4 times a day!!! With a good portion of the race being run at night and in temperatures as low at negative 50.   The goggles had awesome visibility and venting in ever changing light and temperatures.  Fit and finish was awesome.  Goggles will sometimes be made to feel to small around face and be uncomfortable, Triple 9 was better in this department, could have been a touch larger, but this varies from person to person and we understand they go for the average customer.  Again we appreciate all the support.  We are going back to Iron Dog in 2015, hope to see you there.  

    Josh Miville

    Chad Dow

    Tim Lessard

  • Colten Moore

    I ride both quads and snowmobiles and Triple 9 makes the best goggles for both worlds!! In the snow there's usually a problem with goggles fogging up but I've yet to have that issue with Triple 9! When I'm in the Texas heat riding my quad, the Triple 9's are the best for keeping the sweat out of my eyes. Best of all, they have plenty of sick styles and colors!!!

  • Kris Eidinger

    "Whether it is snow, rain, or sun, these goggles hold up to the elements and let me see my lines better then any other goggle I've ever had"

    "Unlike other goggles, Triple 9's work better, fit better, and let me see better then any other goggle I've worn"

    "I've never had a better goggle then Triple 9's. These things really work well in any condition. I can be riding in the tight tree's where most goggles would fog up, but these goggles just don't. Then turn around and be riding in deep, wet snow and Triple 9's stay clear. It's awesome and I'm incredibly happy with them."

  • Sam Rogers

    "I've been riding snowmobiles my whole life and goggles are a key component in what I do. I have tried a lot of different brands and I like Triple 9's, "Saint" goggle the best. They fit my face and my Fly helmet like a glove! They have an awesome color selection, and most importantly, they never fog up no matter how hard I'm riding which was a issue I had with many other goggles."

  • Steve Martin

    I've used various different googles throughout the years and hill climbing and mountain riding demand a high quality google that doesn't fog. I'm really happy I found Triple 9 optics, they work well in the deep snow and are very durable, and they look awesome!