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Triple 9 Warranties:

All Triple 9 warranties MUST be processed through the dealer the goggle was originally purchased from.

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Care & Cleaning

A soft micro fiber cloth is recommended for cleaning the lens. Do not wipe the inner lens, especially when wet, as it will affect the anti-fog treatment and may scratch the surface. If the inner lens does become wet, use a microfiber cloth to blot the moisture from the lens and then let air dry completely.

Do not use glass cleaner or chemicals for cleaning and avoid paper based towels/napkins and/or using your glove to clean the lens. Take extra care with mirrored lens, as mirrored lens can scratch easier than non-mirrored if not cared for properly.

When finished riding, avoid putting wet or sweaty goggles directly into gear bag; instead, hang them in a well-ventilated area to dry completely. After drying, goggles should be placed in the included storage/cleaning bag to avoid lens scratches.

These are nice goggles, take care of ‘em!


Can I use a Saint lens in my Switch goggle?

YES, the Switch and Saint goggle lens are compatible with each other.

Can I use tear offs for racing?

YES, The Saint lines of replacement lens do have tear off options available.

Do you make non-vented lenses?

YES, The Saint line of replacement lens do have non-vented thermal lens options available.

The nose beak is big, how do I make it fit in my helmet?

The long nose beak has molded cut lines so you can trim them down.  You can trim the nose beak however you like to provide optimal fit.  You may also purchase the short nose beak which is designed to fit most helmets and can accommodate breath boxes/ guards.

Can I put Quick Straps on my Triple 9 goggles?

YES, All Triple 9 Optics are Quick Strap compatible.

Have a problem, ask us, We’ll get ya where you need to be.

If you have a question, don’t hesitate to contact us.  Our in house experts have tried and tested Triple 9 goggles in many different conditions using different options and helmets.