Triple 9 Team

Neil Dees

Neil is currently coming into his 5th year of racing at the young age of 8. Neil enjoys all the typical little boys things, except in the winter, his sole focus is on Snocross racing. He lives and plays in northern Wisconsin, where winter sports top the charts for things to do in a small town. Neil competed in his first race at 3 years old and from there on out, he couldn’t be stopped. He has competed in both Wisconsin and Minnesota regional circuits and ISOC Nationals. He has accomplished a great deal in the past few years, including three points championships and a win at the Eagle River World Championship Derby. His dream is to someday be a pro rider on the ISOC tour and race at the X Games.

Wilson Prewitt

Ive lived in Whistler BC for over 10 years now, moving from Ontario to learn how to deep powder mountain ride.   Started off as a snowmobile guide for a local company then after 8 seasons, I lucked out and now demonstrate the new mountain snowmobile line for Ski-doo across British Columbia and Alaska each season.  Including all the Spring shows, with over 120 days riding! I couldn't ask for a better job!
This season I wore the Tripple 9 Saint goggle, which were awesome! I have worn lots of different brands and these really worked great! Especially the venting to eliminate any moisture and the nose guard to keep out any  flying roost.  They fit perfect in the Fly F2 Carbon helmet!

Seth Thorson

I am Seth Thorson, I have been racing sleds since 2000.  I started racing in speed run and moved to Snox where I won a Semi-pro Championship in 2007.  After that season I moved to USCC cross country racing. I worked my way up to Team Yamaha and have been racing with them since. The last 2 season I have Taken overall 2nd and 3rd in Pro Vet.  I believe that teamwork and representing your sponsors well in the key to success in racing.

Steph Schwartz

My name is Steph Schwartz and I’m from Revelstoke, BC, Canada. How long have I been riding? Conceived on a sled so that gives you an idea. Backcountry Sledder that lives and breathes snowmobiles.

Fortunate enough to have aspects of my occupation keep me on the snow even more so I ride A LOT. Demo Tours, Guiding, Dealer Rides,  Ladies Clinics in Canada and Sweden.  Love getting people out in the backcountry laughing and riding. I sled for the freedom, relationships and people I meet along the way and overall for myself because for me it’s my happy place. I know there is no other place that I laugh and smile as much as I do when riding. I love challenges and I can challenge myself as much as I want, its so dang FUN !

Favorite type of riding is technical backcountry riding. Love long lines as well as trees and ravines. I love riding anything and anywhere there was fresh snow the night before.

Who am I? I am a girl that rides snowmobiles in the backcountry all over the world because I LOVE IT.